Hi there! My name is Elizabeth Browning, but I go by Liz for short. I am a senior at Montrose High School, and currently enrolled in an Advanced Computer Design course. My love for designing and creating through my artistic nature started when I was very young, and I have carried it as a part of me throughout my whole life; applying it from anything like taking notes in school, making gifts for others, to recreational doodling. Apart from art, I love to spend my time hiking, staying active, and cooking. In the fall I hope to attend culinary school, and someday aspire to have my own cafe.

I came into the second semester of Advanced Computer Design in response to my Graphic Design class in the fall semester. I learned a vast amount about the mechanics of design, and wanted to further my study and experience of digital creating. Art will always be a part of me, and I would love to apply what I learn in this class to my role in the workplace. I now have the confidence and resources to be able to design my own menus, business cards, and flyers. I look forward to what this semester holds for me, and all the learning opportunities it has to offer!