It’s off to the Races

I am in the last quarter of my high school semester, and essentially the last quarter of my Advanced Computer Design class. I have started my final project, and have actually made some good progress with it.

I am putting together a wedding package of sorts. Basically I am posing myself as a wedding planner, presenting an offer to a soon-to-be bride. In my package I have guest maps, announcements, and a menu template.

The venue that I chose for my project is placed in the charming town of Charleston, South Carolina. A couple summers ago, I visited Isle of Palms, SC and made a day trip to Charleston, and immediately fell in love. There was so much history there, and inevitably stands as the definition of “southern charm”.

Over the past week I have been researching the area, along with popular and local flowers, food, and attractions. I aim to incorporate these into the designs I make. Below are some of the artifacts I have collected and saved as inspiration for what will become my wedding package theme and design.


The Battery


The Revenal Bridge

city market

The City Market

rainbow row

Rainbow Row

rice mill

The Rice Mill

waterfront park

Waterfront Park


Magnolia Flowers


Yellow Jasmine (state flower)



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