I was exploring online for some inspiration before I went to work in Illustrator, and came across an artist that wowed me. Brian Edward Miller is the owner, artist, and illustrator behind the Orlin Culture Shop (OCS for short) based in Erie, CO.

He creates illustrations for a number of companies and purposes. Most of his work is based around nature and Landscapes, but he does a number of things with his talent. The first thing I came across on his website and blog was a mountain/wilderness set he had done for REI. I like to create and base my work off of nature, the way Miller has in this compilation of scenes for REI.

His works are simple interpretations of nature, but complex in their detail. The way he works with lighting and shading is, at first, very subtle and maybe even flies under the radar of impression. But as I study them longer I begin to think of the creation process and how I might create something similar to the illustrations he has created, and I get stumped. The creative flow stops within my mind, and the complexity of his detail boggles me.

The detail that he incorporates into every piece is the type of detail I hope to achieve and incorporate into future artwork.

legacy of adventure

Legacy of Adventure 

mountain lake

Mountain Lake

winter glow

Winter Glow

snow trails

Snow Trails

chasing sunsets

Chasing Sunsets


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