Following my live trace awakening, I decided to see what I could do with this new skill. Above is a compilation of images that I gathered from the trusty internet, and converted into live trace images, to compose one single image.

Now, obviously it isn’t an impressive creation, but I just wanted to experiment with the possibilities. Here are the original photos that are now combined into my single photo:


Row of trees between corn fields. SkÂne. Sweden

82bb262ab0c5e3cdabb9c6017e927a8f As You can see, the photos aren’t of good quality. I also didn’t use every aspect of each photo. By using the expand feature, and ungrouping the images, I was able to eliminate backgrounds and other parts of the photos that I wasn’t using.

If I wanted to, I could have converted the landscape to better fit the coloring of the skyline. But like I said, this was only for experiment.

Also, You can see that I only used to aloft airplane in the last image. Everything else was eliminated.

I think live trace is an awesome tool. You can create images from things that already exist, and make them your own. But that’s also something I don’t like about tracing images; you miss out on the experience of creating objects on your own. Originality is lost, and it narrows the level of creativity. I like the idea of using live trace for pictures that I create with my own hand.


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